Monday, July 16, 2012



Thanks for being part of my first blog post! I hope the future of this blog can be both informative and guiding to you as I express my beliefs in God and religion with you all. I'll also be sharing devotionals from time to time here as well along with some random catholic facts (cause I like facts) Heres a bit about me...

The Bayou

The Map

These are my roots, this is where it started. Bayou Petit Caillou in Chauvin, Louisiana. A small cajun town that boasts literally one red light. This is the community I was baptised in, the place my parents pencilled me into the book of life. In this blog I'll also be sharing life in Cajun Country. It's lots of fun and nothing like what TV shows you.

The Church

St. Joseph Catholic Church just a ways up (and across) the bayou from where I grew up. Infact, in the right wind conditions the automated bells could be heard tolling traditional church hymns through the bayou and into my front yard. This is where I was not only baptised, but where I came into my faith as a young teenager and grew into as a young adult. This church and its community gave me the solid Catholic foundation I have today. I'll forever be grateful to Msgr. Brunet, Sr. Dianne and the rest of the community for helping me grow in the rich faith traditions of the church.

 And Today

Today, well technically yesterday, the 15th Sunday in Ordinary Time, My wife and I officially joined Maria Immaculata Roman Catholic Parish in Houma, LA. It was a long journey to get there, being sometimes discouraged, often times feeling misplaced, and most of the time just not feeling at home at our previous church parish.

We have attended weekend masses for about two months at our new parish before officially joining. In that short time, we celebrated mass with an outgoing priest (Fr. Henry who is off to a new assignment) who was absolutly wonderful and got us back the next weekend for another visit, we celebrated mass with the Pastor (Fr. Clyde) who is engaging, family centered, and community driven, and this past weekend our new associated pastor (Fr.Stuart.)

Our new associate pastor is very unique among Catholic Priests. He's actually a brand new priest, only being ordained a month or two ago, but he's not new to ministry. He is a former priest in the anglican church where he served in many places through his ministry as a military chaplain. He is married and has kids. He entered the catholic seminary at the approval of our Bishop was ordained a priest. He also works full time as a director in Catholic Social Services for our Diocese. I'm looking foward to hear more of his story of conversion and how he found his place in the catholic church.

In the general sense, as in all of my tomorrows. My wife and I will be expecting our first child, a girl, Adeline Marie in October. So the new church home came just at the right time, by the time we are completly settled in and become active members of our new vibrant parish we will be welcoming our little girl into the same catholic church I was welcomed into some 26 years ago and my wife some 25 years ago. We intend to raise her in the tradition of the universal church. And hopefully at our new parish for years to come. (You might even get glimpses inside the nursery as it comes together)

Anyway thats enough for now, See ya'll next time...



  1. Love your blog! I feel right at home here! I'm originally from the Lafayette area (Carencro).

    1. Thanks Monica, Glad you feel at home here! I hope you have followed my blog, and please stay tuned, it's been a little while since my last post but I have one coming today, and many more on the way! Thanks for stopping by!

      Merci Beaucoup!