Friday, November 16, 2012

I'm Back!


I just wanted to say that I'm back home at my blog after a little hiatus. A lot has happened since I last updated the blog.

My wife had our first baby on Saturday, October 13. Adeline Marie came into the world at 6:13 pm, just before the LSU game started! She had some issues at birth, mainly transient hypoglycemia and she had a hard time regulating her body temperature. These issues lead us to having to do one of the hardest things in our lives, we had to leave our new baby girl in the hospital for a night after my wife was discharged. Everything is fine now, thanks be to God! Our daughter is growing at good rates, is healthy and mostly happy (except for a couple belly aches)

Here's an interesting factoid on our daughters name...My wife's due date was October 20th, the feast day of Blessed Adeline, our daughters namesake. Blessed Adeline was a nun of the Benedictine rule, her order was commonly referred to as the "white ladies" because of the color of their habit. She became the first Abbess of the monastery around 1115. After a life of piety, prayer and devotion to God she was called to her reward in 1125. And her middle name, or saint name, is that of Mary, I don't think my devotion to Mary under her numerous titles is any secret. So I always ask the intercession of Blessed Adeline and Mother Mary for our little girl, and I'll ask you to pray for our Ady too!

And now for the fun part, pictures from the first month of her life!

First pictures from the Delivery OR

Our Sleeping Angel in her first few days

Some newborn shots from her birth announcements

Happy Ady in her rocker

And finally, a birth/1 month comparison shot!

I'll be back soon with more postings, so please stay tuned...

Until next time..

In Christ,

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